ABN AMRO 'De slimste Belegger' Campaign
Brief: Promote the Turbo, ABN AMRO's investment product, with an online tournament. Primary goal: 15.000 subscriptions in 4 weeks.
Secundary goal was a turnover increase for ABN AMRO Turbo's. Target group: active traders/investor. The whole campaign was divided in
three phases. First: campaign for registering. Second: The online tournament. The variety of different approaches led the way to the ultimate
fireworks of the campaign, as it happens, phase three: The big final with v.i.p. Jort Kelder hosting the eight hour online television show.
Together with the ten best players trying to beat each other. The first goal was reached in less than four weeks...
This campaign won the:
2008 Structured Products Europe Award for
Excellence. Category: Best marketing campaign

This campaign was nominated for:
2008 Spinawards
Category: Best online campaign
This campaign is nominated for:
2008 SAN ACCENT Award
Category: Best financial campaign

Campaign showreel
There's no better way presenting a campaign than with a bombastic showreel.
Sit back and relax click on the link below or scroll down this page for specific campaign deliveries.
Credits: Dennis Wolzak, motion design

Click here for the showreel video
Based on the "wanted" theme we created a simple but effective ad. ABN AMRO Markets does not have any competition in this niche so we could communicate straight forward. Just one plane message. The ads needed to have stopping power. Executed in a broad range of relevant newspapers and magazines.
Credits: Remko Bor, graphic design and DTP
TV commercials
With just one week to go and a suddenly closed deal with RTL-Z, the ABN AMRO approved making a TV commercial. We shot the commercial in two days with a budget less than 15K. Nevertheless we made a sound commercial. All credits to STETZ who put a big effort in putting a young and talented team together.

Click here for tv commercial 1 | Click here for tv commercial 2
Just like the ads we made the banners straight forward. The banners were drawing a lot of attention once placed on websites. This resulted in people
calling the service desk complaining about the blinking images. Above two examples. The left image shows the standard banners. The right image shows

Click here for example video 1 | Click here for example video 2
Campaign website + viral quiz
www.deslimstebelegger.nl was the core of the campaign. It started off as the registration platform featuring the snobby Jort Kelder as an
interactive host. He firstly introduced the tournament and notifying special features like the viral Quiz (last two screen shots). The Quiz was
a multiple choice stock market quiz. Players got the impression to play against Jort Kelder. We shot more than 100 different 10 sec
webcam shots of which some were linked to questions and others were played randomly.
Credits: Bernard van Middendorp & Christiaan Asmussen, Flash programming

Click here to have a look at the campaign site video
Tournament website
The second phase in the campaign was marked by the introduction of the tournament website. The place to trade Turbo's and beat others.
For the greater part a purely instrumental website. Figures and data were updated every 15 minutes. The complexity of ever changing
variables made it very difficult to build. Ultimately 22.000 players registered.
Credits: Hylke van Maaren, design

Click here to have a look at the tournament site video
The big final: 10 finalist, 8 hours streaming web-tv & € 25.000 for the winner!
The third and final Phase in the campaign was the big final game with the ten best players of the tournament. The final was held in an old warehouse,
the contenders were placed in a boxring and became part of (a never seen before) eight hours streaming web-tv show. Jort Kelder hosted the show
accompanied by mental coach Regilio Tuur (formal lightweight box champion) and nine well known stock market experts.

We used press releases as well as video banners to promote this event. The video banners were shot just hours before
the actual show began. They also featured a ticker-tape which gave up to date info about the event and could be changed
remotely. Editors could thereby easily change the content of the banner.
Credits: Exploratie/productiehuis Telegraaf, tv production

Compilation video | Website screenshot | Ticker-tape banner
Free publicity
Newsitems were placed, among others things, on the front page of the "Telegraaf" the most read newspaper of the Netherlands.