Clockwork ads
Like every brand, Clockwork does advertise.
Credits: Roderic mul, concept & art | Alfred Petrie, concept & copy
Ads Clockwork branding (1)
Brief: Position Clockwork as an interactive agency that doesn't only do websites. The three ads were placed at once in the "adformatie".
The first two saying: Almost Every internet user does enter the street or does watch television once in a while. We used images of recently executed
Clockwork crossmedia campaigns using television and outdoor. This resulted in the third ad saying: Not every internet user is constantly sitting behind
its computer. In other words: Clockwork knows that an 'online' campaign needs 'offline' to be succesfull.

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Ads Clockwork branding (2)
First ad:; Clockwork won the Twinkle award for the Wehkamp website.
Second ad: Clockwork was nominated for a spinaward with the nrc next website.

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Ad Clockwork recruitment
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