talking erasmus
Erasmus University Rotterdam has turned 100 years old in 2013. To promote this delightfull event to alumni (ex-students) we were asked to make a newsletter with 'viral' potential. With a minimal production budget and no media budget we were challenged to think unconventional and pragmatic at the same time.
We came up with 'Talking Erasmus'.
Desiderius Erasmus, a dutch renaissance humanist from the the 17th century, gave his name tot the university and is portrayed many times in an iconic posture. These paintings are well known all over the world and a perfect vehikel for our story. We made the painting come to life in a monthy python kind of way.
We send a batch of emails to the already existing database of alumni. They were asked to meet an old friend, which turned out to be our Talking Erasmus.
He announced the 100th anniverary and asked to fill in missing contact info.
The best part was to make him talk according to text that was typed in. These messages could then be send to old studymates: The viral effect!
Credits programming, HTML5 & mobile site: Egotribe
The platform
Click here for the screencapture video of 'Talking Erasmus'
The mobile version