fbto interactive pre roll's
The new FBTO travel insurance features an unique slider button that can easily set insurance modules on or off. We were asked to promote this in an online campaign. Eventually we came up with an interactive Pre-roll (commercial that starts before a video on websites like youtube e.a.) that was never done before. Annoyingly most pre-rolls can not be switched off and therefore not be ignored. We took this opportunity to let people switch the pre-roll off whenever they felt like it. Our first pre-roll showed a false singing Mexican mariachi who made you grab for the slider button instantly. When the mariachi was switched off -and before going to the requested video- we showed a short message: "Wish you could switched off everything as easy as the modules off our travel insurance".
Point made! A second Pre-roll was made featuring a annoying dentist. 3rd a great looking tiroler 'Jodel' girl.
video production: State 31/DPPLR, director: Hiba Vink/Maarten Groen
'The Jodel girl - Tour de France'
Click here for the video
'The Jodel girl - Wintersport'
Click here for the video
'The Dentist'
Click here for the screencapture video
'The mexican'
Click here for the screencapture video 01 "Cuquaracha" | video 02 "La la la la" | video 03 "Amor"