FBTO 'Mijn Wereldhits' spotify activation
FBTO is one the biggest insurance companies in the Netherlands. To activate their brand awareness under 'early adapters' they asked us to come up with an activation on Spotify. The campaign ran during summer and thus travelling and travel insurance is the main theme. We came up with 'Mijn Wereldhits' (My Worldsongs). We asked spotify listeners to come up with a songs that holds a travel destination, either in title or in subject. In return one could win a trip to that particular destination. The campaign consists of banners and spotify radio commercials.
Spotify campaign
The visual theme with globes came from the above the line campaign. In this case it worked very well together with our 'Worldsong' activation. The campaign was a Spotify-only campaign. This means, that the whole campaign was only visible within Spotify's boundaries. Radio commercials where quiet edgy in terms of being annoying. Especially the 'Mexico' raised some eyebrows, but eventually made people smile.

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Click here to hear radio commercial 'Mexico'
| radio commercial 'New York'