Kaospilots campaign
A banner campaign for a creative business school.
Objective: Position Kaospilots as an attractive, alternative, creative business school.
Credits: Roderic Mul, concept & design & motion | Didier Dezanet, concept & design
MTV banner campaign
The banner campaign was solely shown on MTV.

Click here to see the banners in the MTV environment
Promo video
To promote Kaospilot over a different channel we made this short video clip to give a hint of explanation of the idea behind the falling pilot.
We published the video on Youtube.

Click here to see the promo video
Free publicity nrc next
March 2009 showed us the "viral" impact of making a great short movie.
nrc next took stills from the Youtube movie and published it in a big article about Kaospilots.
How a movie which wasn't meant to be a viral became a viral..

Click here to see the article in nrc next