KPN HD Voice introduction
HD Voice is a new mobile phone technology that allows us to make phone calls with a much better sound quality (High Definition). KPN is the first in the Netherlands that facilitates this new technique. However it does meet certain conditions to make it work in nowadays world. Both you and the person you're calling need to have the latest top of the line smartphone. And it does only work on the KPN network. KPN decided to first promote it to their own database of clientele. Brief: introduce HD Voice to our existing clients and explain in video what HD voice does in normal live invironment. We will give away 10 sets of Sony Smartphones, Develop a simple game where these phones could be won.
Credits copy: Johan Thijssen
Introduction video
An email was send to all KPN clients. The email led to the HD Voice platform where the video could be watched. Story: We see two couples in their natural habitat, a city couple and a countryside couple. They both explain that they can't live without their mobile phone. We introduce them to HD Voice by a simple test.
We let them experience HD Voice. This results in a basic but rewarding testimonial video.
Credits video production: Electric Zoo, director: Ruud schuurman

Click here to see the stand alone video
HD voice game
When the video ends visitors are asked to participate in a simple 'follow the ball game'. A set of two Sony Smartphones could be won. The game starts with an animation of three boxes of which one holds the two smartphones. The first player (initiator) chooses a box in which he/she thinks the telephones are hidden. The initiator now has to invite a friend (participant) with whom he would like to win the prize. When both initiator and participant choose the same box they'll end up in the contender list from which a winner is picked every day.
Credits animation and flash: Egotribe

Click here to see the stand alone video