'Team kpn' interactive video
KPN is the biggest telecom company in the Netherlands with up to 20.000 employees. The intranet that was used was out of date and thus KPN requiered a new version. The new intranet should live up to the high standards of social networks like Facebook and Linkedin. Qi developed the new intranet, called 'Team KPN', in close cooperation with KPN. We were also asked to promote it. We came up with an interactive video: Starring a young ambitious employee. He makes his way trough the KPN mainoffice towards an evaluation meeting. On his journey he meets several colleagues and somehow he knows them very well...
Video with interactive game layer
The standalone video was promoted with an email to all KPN employees. After showing the video, viewers were asked to test their knowledge about KPN and the starring KPN's in particular. We called it: 'the Team KPN Spel' (game). The video was played again but this time with an interactive layer. Every time our guy bumps into one of his colleagues a green moving-button pops up. This button should be hit to answer a question about the starring KPN'er.

Relevant? Yes. The starring KPN'ers are well known and very active on social media. Every question was accompanied by a button leading directly to the Team KPN platform where details about the starring KPN'er could be found. This made 'Team KPN' instantly useful and thus relevant. The video did not only show what could be achieved when using 'Team KPN' it also drove KPN'ers to the platform to interact with it.
Credits video: Electric Zoo, director: Ruud schuurman

Click here to see the stand alone video | Click here to see the interactive video