MIscellaneous websites
A collection of websites I designed in the last couple of years.
Grolsch.nl website
Grolsch' flawed perfection. Seeing is believing. Note: A new site has recently been oploaded.
Credits flash: Fonkmobile/Niels de Keizer

Click here to see a screencapure video of the website
Grolsch 'koel' campaign website
Grolsch is serving 'koel' beer all summer and as a result they offer a range of different initiatives to garantee it stays 'koel' (cold).
It also facilitated a competition: Grolsch gave away a 'Koel*server' every hour, 24 hours a day.
Credits flash: Outpost11

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Werken bij Zaanstad
Zaanstad is recruiting new employees for socially involved positions in its municipality. Its industrial and social heritage is unique and thus important for further development of urban planning. The website asks the visitor challenging multiple choice questions about the environmental issues of today. By answering each question the visitor is rewarded by the way Zaanstad does approach these issues. If it does match one's opinion, he or she might as well check out the job openings.

Website is offline
SBS Broadcasting websites
SBS broadcasting is the owner of SBS6, Net5 and Veronica. Broadband internet connections are soon widely spread. Soon everyone will be able to watch television trough an internet connection. "What will internet look like in 3 years?" Did SBS ask. At Arc-amsterdam we thought it should be an combination of mediaplayers and entertainment. For all three stations we developed the 'module' concept: Every content holding part of the website will become a 'module'.
And will have its own specific character on the screen. The modules can be dragged or removed. The user will be able to classify modules and save its lay out.

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Marketing Directory
marketing directory
Logo and website design for Marketing Directory.nl. Not the most sexy website ever seen the light but nevertheless a nice exercise
in interaction design and practicality. Marketing Directory is the online "yellow pages" for all marketing related businesses.
The design has later been used and adapted for www.itdirectory.nl

Website is offline
Amsterdam Arena website
During my time at Leo Burnett/Arc Amsterdam we designed the Amsterdam ArenA website.
The client requested a straight forward HTML concept which is easy to update.

Website is offline