Nederlandsche betaal & wisselmaatschappij
De Nederlandsche Betaal & Wisselmaatschappij is the only dutch financial institution that trades valuta and valuta only. That makes them 'the Valuta experts'. They are truly unique in the dutch market. They asked for an introduction campaign that would bring in new clients: Basically Dutch international trading companies that need non-euro currencies. The concept is simple: We show the public our authority by putting forward facts that only the top specialists could know. And thus enforcing their claim to be 'the valuta experts'.
Print ads

TV commercial & Online video
With a tiny budget and just a week to produce, the brief for the TV Commercial was simple: Let's make the print ad come alive. Inspired by the typographic animations on youtube we took the Radio commercial and promptly animated the copy to the rhythm of the voice.
Video animation credits: David Dinjens

Click here for the video | Click here for the radiocommercial