One For All, X Sight introduction
The X- Sight by One For All is a new generation universal remote control. The X Sight makes all other remote controls useless. And useless remotes can be trashed. Why not let people film this great act of uncivilized and primary manners? The best video wins the grand price and every week there's an X Sight to be won. To make sure the visitors don't get carried away with their filming ambition we literally integrated the product introduction with the video upload campaign.
This makes sure the product is always there and not to be ignored.
Credits: Roderic Mul, concept & design | Flip Soree, concept & copy
Trash your old remotes website
Click here to see the website online
X steal Video Hoax
An other concept we came up with was the "X Steal hoax" (a sort of fraud). One For All says the X Sight is compatible with every single eletronic device on earth. This suggests it could also be used to open up cars! (among others) Off course this is not what it is supposed to do. But could it be done? Why not suggest it could be done by seeding a "homevideo" tutorial on youtube. This tutorial will show exactly how to crack the remote to make it unlock and start cars: The prove of its ultimate compatibility. We guessed this video won't take long to become subject of several newsitems.