Ordina employer branding campaign
Brief: Position the big Dutch ICT company Ordina as an attractive employer. Use a distinctive style in which the target group could recognize the
typical straight forward mentality of Ordina. Take into account "the future" as one of the present core value of Ordina. Use a wide variety of media.
Goals: Achieve a fundamental change in perception of Ordina, from dusty and old fashioned towards fresh, innovative and progressive.
We choose the 180° turnaround. Do not say how great Ordina is but say how good the target group is.
Main credits: Roderic Mul, concept & art | Dylan Alling, concept & copy | Alfred Petrie, concept & copy
We used the strong characteristics of vintage style propaganda posters. By using this style Ordina removed it self far away from their competition.
By saying "ICT'ers zijn de toekomst" we honoured ict'ers but also let the public know that we can't do without them. Like real Propaganda we used
the street as our main platform. We made outdoor posters, stickers and stencil style graffiti and placed a lot of it right in front of competitors offices.
Credits: Eelco van den Berg, illustrations | Jack Liberties, guerilla advertising

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Banners & Jobportal
The banners used the same colourfull distinguished style and led, according to its surrounding website, towards Ordina's Jobportal or the viral site (next item).

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Viral featuring Daphne Bunskoek
The viral is based on the theme: "De toekomst heeft je nodig". Synopsis: In the year 2023 there's a talkshow called: "De maan draait door" broadcasted
live from the moon, featuring talkshow host Daphne Bunskoek (referred to the famous dutch talkshow: "De Wereld draait door"). The viewer has been
given the impression to be very successful in the near future and is now the starring guest of the show. But what happens if the curtains open? Did the
makers really manage to reproduce an older 'you'? Check out the viral to see what happens (link below). Filling in email addresses at the end will be
rewarded with an unexpected funny ending. The viral lasted 2 months and had more than 100.000 viewers.
Credits: Goeroe Media, video production | Usmedia, flash production

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Free publicity
There's nothing like free publicity. As soon as "Jack Liberties" (guerilla promotion agency) started spraying our heroic ICT guy on the street we got reactions.
Not always positive off course. The client herself showed us the picture in a Rotterdam newspaper. We considered that a compliment. Numerous Blog's reported about the Viral. It was good fun to join in on discussion fora whether the viral worked or not. We knew it did!