Ordina venture counsil campaign
Brief: Recruit 30 (!) candidates for the venture council of the big Dutch ICT company Ordina.
And at the same liberate the council from its old fashioned and dusty stigma.
Credits copy: Flip Soree
The lettre
Could they really do those things? People would get angry and confused after reading an employers lettre with such scary stories. As a result they will call
the telephone number or visit the website for more information. At that point nobody knows it's a set up. It will all get clear after hearing the CEO's voice mail. He'll tell you they could never do those things due to unneglectable and inevitable powers of the venture council. This hoax will put the importance of an venture
council forward and top of mind. It also gives a clue what they are capable of.

We executed the idea with a simple email which tells a story about the block of the venture council. Not as exciting and worrying as the proposed examples above but still good enough to make employees grab for the phone. The emails were the first output of the campaign followed by posters.

Click here to read all worrying example lettres
After the mailing we entered the second phase. We hang posters in all Ordina offices. Based on the theme: "add a career to your career"
three posters were made pointing out the skilful disciplines that can be learned when being part of the council. The triangular shaped stickers
were add at the third phase during the campaign.
Credits: Emanuel Wiemans, illustrations
Car stickers
The venture council does a lot of good work but it's not always tangible, something you can point out. There's an exception: lease cars. Apparently the Venture council at Ordina did a lot to ensure a proper car for Ordina employees. It provided us the perfect object for placing the "in your face" stickers: "Without the venture council your leasecar wouldn't be that big".