prorail awareness test
ProRail is the main train facility company in the Netherlands. They need to inform travellers about possible delays caused by work on railroads but are also obliged (it's run by government) to inform about the possible dangers around railroad area's. Its sad to note that there are still schoolgoing kids that got run over by trains. Modern electronics like iPhones distracts the younger generation from paying attention to dangers of railway crossings.
We were briefed to make them aware of this danger. We came up with 'The Experiment' a fictitious TV format featuring Dennis Storm a well known dutch TV presenter. The video challenged the viewers to focus on signs of seduction when a boy tries to make a pass on a girl. But was it really about seduction? Did you really look well? or were you actually mislead?
Credits copy: Pieter Dingemans, video production: DPPLR, director: Maarten Groen
Video platform
The platform was reached trough banners, Youtube prerolls and a PR campaign.

Click here to see 'The Experiment' | Click here to see the pre roll video banner

Next to the video we produced a fancy radio commercial that challenged awareness.

Click here to hear the radio commercial