Samsung microsites and product demo's
During my time at Quince B.V. I designed several microsites and product demo's for Samsung. The result is shown below.
Main credits: Roderic Mul, art direction & design , Harry van der Lubbe, flash programming
Quicksilver/Samsung skate event microsite
Samsung does sponser a lot of "Urban lifestyle" events, sometimes together with other brands.
This microsite promoted the annual "The movement" Skate event in Rotterdam.

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Samsung B-to-B printer microsite
Retailers are very important for Samsung and thus are treated no less than consumers. As a result this simple discount campaign needed to look special.
Apart from getting the message across the site also featured a full product demo. This helped the retailer to get to know the u.s.p's of this printer.

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Bang & Olufsen/Samsung rolling demo
Samsung and Bang & Olufsen together created the "Serene". A high tech phone to use at home. Altough it was probably outdated before it ever reached shop floors it didn't stop the two companies from promoting it. This rolling product demo was especially made for the Amsterdam "Millionaire Fair".

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Samsung B-to-B rebates microsite
Retailers can save rebates when buying Samsung products. Instead of discount retailers can choose to save rebates. Retailes who subscribed
to this website could easily see how much they saved and what they could get in return. Dependig on saved rebates they could, for example,
save for a "Tropical trip" to Mauritius or a big Plasma for example.

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Samsung mp3 player microsite

One of the keyproducts in the Portable media player range was the YH-925. To make it stand out from
the crowd Samsung requested a microsite. It was featured in the website.

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