Staatsloterij banner campaign
Brief: Promote the october draw of the Staatsloterij Mega Jackpot of 27,5 million and 5,5 million. Adapt the fishermen's theme TV commercial made by Doom & Dickson towards online bannering using a "Homepage Take Over" and a "Floorad". The project was done at .Bone an interactive advertising agency.
Homepage Take Over
The phenomenon of a "Homepage Take Over" can only be applied to websites which accept this new way of 'hostile' advertising. the biggest news-portal of the Netherlands facilitate these "Take over's" as long as it doesn't effect the way users visit their website. We changed the viewing point to birds-eye view which left us a clear working space: The website became the quay with fishermen. The background, normally white, turned into clear blue water containing the big Orange 'Staatsloterij' fishes.

Click here for the screencapture video
Youtube 'masthead' banner
Youtube pays a lot of effort to give room for advertising in their website. The very spacious 'Masthead' preferably uses video content which does tease the visitor. In our film we shot various "big fish" spotters, people who, totally confused wittnessed, the presence of the orange coloured 'Staatsloterij' fish. Our home-made videos were spot on not doing the standard stuff what you expect a banner to do. While the masthead isn't exactly new, it turned some heads in the "blogosphere" (see link below).

Click here for the YouTube masthead video
'Floor ad' banner
The "Floor-ad" triggers to move your mouse over the lower part of the website. When you do so the Floor-ad jumps up and shows a movie. Again the same story as the "Home Page Takeover": Birds-eye perspective on a set of fishermen trying to catch the biggest fish.

Click here for the screencapture video