Zwarte cross Hyves campaign
Zwarte Cross is an anual Motocross festival in the East of the Netherlands. Alongside the motocross racing it features a line-up of bands which can be compared with music festivals like Glastonbury in the U.K. Brief: Promote the Zwart Cross Festival using Hyves, the biggest social network ik the Netherlands.

The real life mascot of the festival is Tante Rikie (aunt Rikie) mentally challenged but very good company. She's the so called 'chief' of the Festival.
She's the star of our campaign and is easily recognized by the target group. We let her make a Backflip (big jump) over designated friends within a personal network. The more friends invited the better, because this could eventually result into winning tickets for the festival. The personal rank could be watched in a Gadget which could be installed on the personal profile page.
Campaign website / gadget
Click here for the screencapture video